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Data Science Discovery is fueled by the passion and enthusiasm for the field of Data Science. The content on this platform is created with the objective of inspiring readers. Our articles help in building intuition and understanding of novel techniques and algorithms for the readers.

The content is curated by data scienctists who are in their own journey of exploring this field. Our efforts include referring a multitude of sources including white papers, books and some well-known websites in this space. 

We would love to hear your opinion on our content. In particular reach out if you find any scope of improvement with the methodology of explanation or content, or if you wish to collaborate with us.

Our Team

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Ankit Gadi

Data Scientist

Driven by a knack and passion for data science coupled with a strong foundation in Operations Research and Statistics has helped me embark on my data science journey. Experienced in Data Science with a demonstrated history of delivering analytical solutions and identifying actionable insights. 

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Ujjayant Sinha

DAta scientist

Data science enthusiast with interest in natural language processing. Experienced in implementing machine learning and analytics solutions in the health care and life sciences space.