Our team carries out an in-depth breakdown (deep dive) of complex topics such as NLP, Deep Learning, UMAP and several others.

We also implement challenging projects, providing detailed explanations of the decisions and process involved. This section will be updated as we add more content to our blog. Please find the links to the respective topics below:

Deep Learning – Introduction

What is this mythical beast I keep hearing about? Today, Deep Learning is a buzzword for a well deserved reason. Let’s do a deep dive into this subject and slay this beast. [Read More]

GANs – Introduction

The buzz around Deep-fakes has reached far and wide, further it has been a candidate of conversation for several months. Let’s understand what the buzz is all about and learn more about generative adversarial networks. [Read More]

Natural Language Processing

This series on Natural Language Processing is designed with the idea to start from scratch and slowly make our way to the state of the art models we hear about today. Layer by layer we will develop the necessary concepts and implement the same to strengthen our foundation. [Coming Soon]

Practice NLP

In today’s world, websites have to deal with toxic and divisive content. Let’s try to implement a text classification exercise. We would try multiple traditional algorithms and also implement some of the latest deep learning models. [Read More]

Dimension Reduction

What to do when your data has too many variables? Can I visualize the data? Discover dimension reduction techniques including PCA, UMAP and others. [Read More]

Stock Prediction

There is a lot of research around this topic, diverging into a plethora of different techniques ranging from econometric models, time-series models to even deep learning models. It becomes really difficult to understand what to implement and if it will work. We will implement a time series and deep learning technique and guide you through our steps and decisions. [Coming Soon]

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